Cyclades Diaries

Greece 2019

March 2019

While I was working on my new website, I had the idea to continue my photographic work in a new project. The trigger was my first photographic work ever under the title »Simple Life« on the Greek archipelago of the »Cyclades«. That was almost 40 years ago.

So now I have started to visit these islands again on a journey through time. One thing was certain before the start of the journey: nothing will ever be the same again.

The project will include several trips, again in winter. Using the example of the islands, it will show how habits have changed everywhere since then and the Greek crisis.

»Can I see a scene today as I photographed it 40 years ago?« I asked myself at the beginning of the journey. The answer: In contrast to landscapes, villages and people, the view of the sea and the sky has not changed. They stand for what has always been and probably always will be.